Healthy Living and Eating Leafy Greens

organic leafy greens

When speaking of the nutritional value of fruits and veggies, it’s common to hear that the darker the color, the higher the nutritional value. Yet how is it that dark, green, leafy vegetables are so commonly ignored in favor of bright orange carrots, brilliant red peppers, and richly dark blueberries? Some greens have been given a bad name as tough, stalky, bitter, and inedible, but a little research reveals that basic knowledge of the green’s flavor and proper preparation can yield an extremely tasty dish.

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Farm Fresh Food Takes Center Stage in Boutique Hotels and Resorts

farm fresh food

The locavore food trend is flavoring cuisine at boutique hotels and luxurious resorts, as travelers demand authentic cuisine and resorts lower their carbon footprint.

When travelers return from foreign climes, it’s not the hotels, the museums, or the historic sites that cause euphoric rhapsodies. More commonly, it’s the people and the food. The tastes of local foods and the experience of buying in local markets stays with travelers long after the trip.

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